Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why this blog is on hiatus

A B&B breakfast!
Why am I not blogging? Because I am traveling!

My wife and I are booting about the United States and Canada in a 42-year-old Morgan. It seems ancient until you realize that I bought it new and I am now 21 years older than the Morgan. We grew old together.

Yes, those are people along the bottom left.
I have been posting daily updates of our travels to the Digital Journal. Just look in the blogs area and you will easily find them. I am starting each blog title with the day and the number. e.g. Day 08_Sheridan, South Dakota.

We left Canada and entered Michigan a week ago. We took a ferry from Michigan to Wisconsin and then we started west. We are now in Wyoming and tomorrow we will be in Yellowstone.

For me, the high-point of the trip may be the two days that we are staying on a military base in a former residence built by William Randolph Hearst. The place is known as the hacienda.

Sometimes even my Morgan needs a break.

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