Monday, October 25, 2010

She's a trooper!

"Hey grandpa! Would you like to read a book together?"
Miss Baby took a tumble today — a bad one. She struck her head and her forehead quickly grew red from the blow. It left a small bump. She cried some but she really got into a sobbing roll when the doctor in emerg began poking and prodding her.

When the doctor got to his last test, he brought out a small flashlight. Miss Baby's eyes lit up quicker than the doctor's flashlight. She stopped crying; This was getting interesting. As the doctor moves his light to left and then to the right, her eyes would follow. No matter where he moved that light, she didn't take her eyes off that weird brightly lit thing. It was clear she had never seen anything quite like it. It had peaked her curiousity. Her steady, unflinching interest told the doctor she was fine.

From the hospital she went straight to grandma and grandpa's rather than returning home. She may have gotten the all clear from emerg but she was still under mom and dad's and grandma and grandpa's close observation.

The moment I carried her into the kitchen, she spotted a banana on the counter and immediately reached out her hand. She grabbed the banana and laughed as she waved about her yellow prize. We got a bowl, a fork, her spoon and we sat down together at the table. Sitting on my knee, she helped me peel the banana. She took her spoon and helped pulverize the sweet, soft fruit. With only one tooth it is still best to squish food before eating. And then she settled in to eat her half of the banana.

She always shares her prize with me; We each get half. She sits on my knee and smiles and laughs, enjoying the obvious camaraderie of the moment.

We're buddies. And I cannot convey to you how very happy and relieved I am that my little buddy is just fine. Her head is a little bruised but she's not complaining. She's a real trooper!

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