Friday, February 10, 2012

I can help!

Fiona is now a full 29 months old. I'm amazed at her fast developing abilities and her enthusiasm for life. She has a great can-do, oh-so positive outlook. She pushes herself boldly into every activity that she can.

"Pick me up! Pick me up!" is her constant refrain. She desperately wants to be a part of absolutely everything. She is no longer content to be just a spectator; She insists on participating.

When dinner is being made, her favourite spot is the kitchen counter. She's actually quite good at stirring stuff. She can pour both liquids and powders without spilling. Grating cheese was a bit beyond her nascent abilities, but don't try and tell her that. She is not quite oblivious to her failures but she doesn't want to dwell on them. She wants to overcome them.

Take scissors. Fiona has a small pair of child's scissors. Her first attempt at cutting paper was a disaster. It was very slow going. She asked for more paper, sat down and set to work cutting that paper into small pieces. She wasn't too proud; She asked for help now and then. She watched us use her scissors, she listened to our instructions, and she practised.

She's pretty good with scissors now. I don't think it will be long before she can grate cheese.


I like to keep an eye on Fiona's development and how it compares to that of other children her age. I discovered that two-year-olds "like to imitate the behavior of adults and others. They want to help with household tasks. . . . They follow simple directions."

Yes, that's my little granddaughter.

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