Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ReThink London: BRT is so last century

BRT, bus rapid transit, goes back, I believe, all the way to the early '70s. It has been around a long time. It was good then and over the years it has proven itself in many communities. It is still good today and I am sure it will have its place in the transit mix of the future. But, if one wants to rethink public transit, BRT may not be the whole answer.

Yet, London is preparing to spend about $340 million according to Harold Usher as quoted in today's Free Press. This does not seem out of line but it is interesting that there is no mention of any other approach to solving our public transit challenges. And it could take up to eight years to implement the BRT approach the paper tells us.

Allow me to suggest something that seems to be on the, as they say, cutting edge: Avego Real-time Ridesharing. Watch the video to get an idea what Avego is all about.

Avego had a pilot project underway in Seattle late last summer. You know Seattle, if you don't The London Free Press reporter Randy Richmond can fill you in. Seattle, in northwest Washington state, is number five on Richard Florida's list of the the top creative cities.

But Avego was busy in other places as well. They had RTD pilots in Cork, Ireland; Bergen, Norway; Houston, TX; Arlington, VA; along with the Seattle, WA one mentioned.

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