Friday, October 19, 2012

London: a fine, friendly city_ and not in the least bit dull

The other night I attended a ReThink London event held in the Wolf Auditorium at the Central Library in London, Ontario.

Leaving the event I bumped into an old acquaintance, a woman I've known and admired for years, a woman I met through my former job at the local paper. We chatted briefly, bringing each other up to speed on the changes in our lives since we last bumped into each other. (We do bump now and then as we seem to have interests that intersect now and then.)

I told her about my two granddaughters and how Fiona, the oldest, is now more than three. The woman's eyes lit up, sparkling more than usual. I've got just the thing for a little girl; I've got a great little book. "Have you ever heard of 'A House Is a House for Me'?"

It seems this woman had three copies for some reason and had recently given one away. She said she'd love to send Fiona here last spare copy. She took my address and a few days later the book arrived.

I have a plastic turtle that I was given when I was about Fiona's age. It, too, was a gift from a stranger. I still have that turtle and it still makes me smile. It represents the friendliness of strangers. The world is not a cold place and this truth is embodied in my turtle.

Now, Fiona has a gift that carries the same message. Nice.

London, like most cities, is not cold. London is a friendly town. Just ask Fiona.

Fiona liked this art we made together so much that she took a picture.

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