Friday, May 17, 2013

A little art from a little artist with a little help

Fiona: May 2013 by Fiona

I have a deep appreciation for the art of little children. I think it is really cool. And I think some little kids have a grasp of modern art that escapes their elders, and sadly, as they grow older, will slide from their grasp as well.

My granddaughter is driven to draw, to sketch, to doodle. She put the above ink sketch in the back of a book in which I record my automobile expenses. She asked first and I said O.K. I don't want to give the impression she just started filling my book with doodles.

I really liked what I saw. I love the sharp jagged lines in the middle of the work, contrasting with the arcing curves above and below the line dividing the work neatly in two. The little black lines in the bottom half of the work are almost hatchet lines suggesting a lightly toned to the space.

I thought her work called out for colour. Fiona agreed. She picked the colours and we both worked together colouring some of the captured space.

Fiona was proud that she was, for the most part, keeping inside the lines. I thought, that's good but it portends the end of your abstract period. You, little girl, are about to discover reality.

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