Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where are the editors?

The Globe and Mail needs to hire some editors. They are running way too thin. A recent story was trying to be hip and cool by making reference to "Llewyn Davis, the vagrant folk singer imagined by the Cohen brothers, who opened a show for Elvis Presley."

The problem is that the movie making brothers are the Coens. No 'h'. And the movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, shows Davis appearing on stage immediately before Bob Dylan. Not Elvis Presley.

It just makes one want to scream: "Aaauuugghh!"

When the James Bond film franchise hit the 50-year mark, Heather Hiscox on CBC went on and on about her favourite Bond film, Goldfinger, in which Bond stops Auric Goldfinger from stealing gold stored in Fort Knox. She goes on and on about the amazing planned theft. Trouble is Goldfinger never planned to steal the gold. Too bulky. Too heavy. He was going to explode a dirty bomb in Fort Knox. This would contaminate the gold and leave it worthless.

When newspapers and high-paid news anchors cannot get facts right, facts so easily checked, how are we to be certain  they are getting their facts right about a situation like the one unfolding in Ukraine.

That's Ukraine and not the Ukraine. When I worked at The London Free Press an editor put me straight.

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