Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Buy ingredients on sale and keep it cheap to eat

The shrimp is the wild Argentinian kind caught in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. I like it better than the farmed shrimp from Southeast Asia but there are questions about the sustainability of the Argentine shrimp fishery.

Thankfully studies are underway to understand the fishery and ensure its health well into the future. But protecting the earth's abundance is a difficult task. The Argentinians can only protect the shrimp fishery in their own waters. A lot of shrimp is caught in waters not controlled by the Argentinians. Reportedly, over-fishing in the international waters is common.

My wife and I picked up the shrimp on sale some weeks ago. The sweet peppers we got at Costco on sale today. The bright red and yellow peppers came from an Essex County hot-house.

The asparagus came from the neighbourhood asparagus farm. The stuff is so fresh and so tender that with just seconds of cooking it is ready to serve. We always buy two pounds in order to get the best price.

I'm sure you are getting the idea. Buy your food ingredients either on sale or grown locally and in season to get the best value. I'm retired and the paper carries articles now and then telling me how poorly many seniors eat. I cannot understand why. Use your head when buying the stuff you eat and you will eat well.

At the moment eating well means asparagus. I buy more the moment we run out. The little, local farm is not open all that long. I pig out on the green stalks as long as I can. I try to buy as little asparagus from Peru as possible. The way a lot of the South American stuff is grown is an environmental disaster.

I'd provide a recipe with this post but I can't. The idea for this Cajun shrimp stir fry came from Weight Watchers. Google Cajun shrimp and you'll find something similar, I'm sure.

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