Monday, October 5, 2009

...there'll be one child born and a world to carry on...

You may not realize this but when you visit an Internet site, you leave certain information. You leave your I.P. address. At the very least I have a good idea of where you live - at least, the town and the country.

Often I know the Internet site you visited before mine, and sometime I know the Internet site that you head off to after hitting me. If you hit more than one item on my blog, I have a vague idea of how long you stayed.

Recently, one visitor to my blog was cruising the Web searching references to Laura Nyro and stumbled upon this post. They stayed awhile. They must have liked what they found. When they left, they went to YouTube and watched the following video.

They unwittingly shared their search with me. Now I am going to share what they found with you. My wife thinks this song is a bit morbid. I don't. I think it is uplifting - filled with mature hope, a positive take on this adventure we call life - living.

The post that inspired all of this follows the embedded song.



I just have to learn to read the fine print. I am now submitting news stories to Digital Journal. One part of the contractual agreement stipulates that stories posted to their site must be digitally unique.

So, please click here to read my little piece inspired by my new granddaughter and memories of Laura Nyro. It is worth linking over. This piece has been popular.

Check out the Digital Journal site, while you are there. It is an interesting concept and I believe it is Canadian.


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