Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is food?

The story in the New York Times about ground beef is shocking and disgusting.

After eating hamburger contaminated by a potent strain of E. coli, a young woman is left paralysed. The Times takes an in-depth look at ground beef production in the United States.

Living in Canada,it is easy to read this as a story about conditions in the meat industry to the south. Yet just a few months ago, we had our own meat contamination story centred around a plant in Toronto, and a few years back we had a story about lax meat plant procedures in an Aylmer operation.

I wouldn't be too smug.


  1. Eeeek! I wonder how many people have beef (tape) worms there! Too bad there is no such thing as cool x-ray worm-o-vision glasses to see parasites and those kinds of things before it gets too late. They really should though.

    This post makes me not crave gas station beef jerkey anymore :)

    Elle :)

  2. Elle:
    When I was a boy, I can recall watching the butcher grind meat for my mom. I call the changes I see, "Welcome to the 3rd world!" Ground beef form a half dozen sources and two countries, all to save a few pennies. Now, I want to know about Canadian meat.