Thursday, January 14, 2010

I visited Monsanto in St. Louis

Years ago John Miner, a fine reporter at The London Free Press, and I flew to St. Louis to visit the Monsanto plant. They were still developing their genetically modified seed at the time. We were there to investigate FrankenFood.

There have always been questions about the safety of the Monsanto product and now two online papers are carrying stories casting serious doubt on the safety of the Round-up Ready corn seed. At least, I believe this is the corn seed under question.

The two online new sources are: The Huffington Post and the Digital Journal.

I wonder if The London Free Press will be able to find the staff to investigate this latest FrankenFood story?

I would write more but I have no time. My little sister, she's older than I but I always had a protective brotherly attitude towards her, has taken a fall and broken her hip.

She fell last Thursday evening and was taken to the nearby hospital in the big city - my sister lives in a small town. Friday they operated. Now, she is in a facility focused on rehab. Why some Americans are so against a Canadian-style medicine is beyond me.

I joked with my sister that she is lucky the death panels didn't refuse her treatment on account of her age. Sarah Palin would be surprised.

Stay away from ground beef if you're a Yank,
We may all have to worry about corn,
And carry a cane if you totter,

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  1. Everyone's probably seen it but a short video about Monsanto was recently emailed to me by a friend. Really doesn't make you want to trust them any more than we already don't!

    No idea if this link will work:


    Healthy vibes going to your sister's hip!