Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look at my shadow! I'm a big girl!

Fiona thinks she is a big girl. She is 19-months going on 19 years. This is probably not quite true. I never had children of my own and so I'm just so surprised at the all the thinking that clearly goes on in young heads.

This is Fiona's first spring. This is her first foray into the outside world on her own two feet. And Fiona is quite enchanted with the world she is discovering. She can't get enough of the outside.

Yesterday I was doing the dishes and Fiona wandered out of the kitchen and into the front hallway. I could hear her puttering about and wondered what she was up to. Before I could dry my hands and take a look, Fiona appeared carrying my large coat. That coat is bigger than she is but she carried through the kitchen and handed it right to me. I knew what was up. She wanted to go outside.

I dried my hands and started putting on my coat when Fiona appeared again. This time she was carrying my shoes. I put them on, but before I could lace them up she was back. This time carrying my camera bag.

I slipped the camera bag strap over my shoulder and looked down to see Fiona. She was holding out my house keys. The kid's amazing.

Content that I had everything, Fiona waited patiently by the front door for my assistance in getting her into her coat and shoes.

19-months and she already knows enough to make sure granddad has his house keys. Like I said, "The kid's amazing."

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