Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Now I'm getting spam!

I called the ad questionable and wondered why newspapers don't treat their advertising business with more respect. Advertising is how newspapers make money. Accepting questionable ads, and often placing them in prominent positions in the newspaper and on the companion Website, lessens the value of the newspaper ad franchise.

As I wrote in the previous post,

"The ad prominently displaced on the opening screen of The London Free Press Web page read, "View your credit score now". Just go to Free Credit Reports in Canada. It was clear this was a free service; There was no charge."

Well, I did go and I'm sorry. I worked through a number of screens but when asked for my credit card number I stopped. Today I got my first spam from these Free Credit Report people.

It makes me feel very uneasy that one of the companies that tracks our credit history and rates our credit worthiness may be behind this. You see, credit reports are free in Canada, if you don't count the cost of the stamp and business envelope necessary to send in a request for the information on file. To find out how to obtain a copy of your credit records for free, see my last post.

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