Thursday, April 25, 2013

Science and Technology Knowlege Quiz online

There is an interesting Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz posted online by the Pew Research Center. If you are going to take it, read no farther. If not, read on.

I thought the questions were incredibly easy. Are electrons smaller than atoms? (Of course they are, electrons are building blocks of atoms.) Which natural resource is extracted in a process known as “fracking”? (Surprisingly, only half the senior taking the test got this right and answered natural gas. I'd have thought anyone who was retired would be following the growth of fracking and the subsequent drop in price of natural gas. Some of my nicest dividend paying stocks wilted thanks to fracking.)

The test is fun to take, especially if you do well, I did. But reading the results is an eye opener. My age group, those over 65, did just about the worst of all age groups on most questions.

College grads led with the number of right answers; there was only one question I noted where the college grads didn't lead the pack.

If you are wondering how men did compared to women, I'm not answering that sexist question; You'll have to look up the answer for yourself.

The results of those who only had a high school education or less were so close to the numbers attained by the seniors that I have to believe there was a lot of overlap between the two groups.

Take the test; See how you do.

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