Sunday, July 7, 2013

A post with limited appeal

Eloise, almost two, likes my carved elephant - a gift to me from her aunt Ashley.

I have a few followers who come here looking for pictures of my two grandchildren. These folk are mainly relatives who don't have a Facebook account. Today, for them, I am posting two pictures: One of Fiona and the other of Eloise.

Fiona, 3, performs impromptu dance celebrating her graduation from French pre-school.

For those who are interested, both pictures were taken with a Canon S90. This camera, when used at wide angle, has an f/2.0 lens. This means the glass directs lots of light into the camera making the use of flash arbitrary. I hate on-camera flash and try to never use it. This camera is a godsend for shooters like me.

I believe today's upgraded version of my camera is the Canon S110. I have found my camera to quite durable and assume the new model is equally as rugged. The model before the present one, the S100, is also a good camera with some advantages over the new model, and if one can find the older model one can save a little money and still have a fine camera.

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