Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vacuum cleaners and sleeping babies

An iPhone running a vacuum cleaner sound app keeps little Isla sleeping.

Like her mother before her, little Isla finds it tough getting to sleep -- but you'd never know it from this picture. Isla drifts off quickly when there is a low level of white noise humming in the background. Isla's mother when young used to fall asleep to the sound of a vacuum cleaner running for no other reason than to put her to sleep.

Using white noise to quiet a baby is a well known trick. There are even white noise machines sold for this very purpose. But what happens when a traveling mother wants to put the little one to sleep and there is no Hoover nor Electrolux handy? Mom can make all right with a quick visit to the iPhone App Store.

Note the iPhone to the right of Isla. It is playing a vacuum cleaner app. The one Isla is listening to offers three free sounds, one of which is a vacuum -- her favourite. Apparently there are a number of apps emulating different vacuums. If your baby requires white noise to fall asleep, a solution is as close as your iPhone.

For more info, follow this link to the Troublesome Tots post titled Why Babies Love White Noise.

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