Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't baby boomers ever die?

Don't baby boomers ever die? Reporter Dan Brown of The London Free Press warns readers of The London Free Press that by 2061 aging "so-called baby boomers" will  make up "24% to 28%" of Canada's population. Among other things, all these seniors will put a huge strain our health care system.

Actually, I don't think Brown should be too concerned. The youngest baby boomers will be about 95 years old by then and the oldest will be about 114. I don't like foretelling the future, but in this case I feel safe; By 2061 there will not be enough centenarian boomers to stress our health care system.

Brown, without knowing it, ended his curse-of-the-baby-boomers story on an upbeat note: Japan's population is already old folk heavy today. 25 percent of the population is seniors, according to Brown. Why is this a hopeful sign? Well, despite the heavy burden of seniors, Japan spends less per capita on health care than Canada while the average life expectancy is longer.

At this point, Canada has a full 48 years to catch-up with the Japanese.
Comparing International Health Care Systems_PBS NewsHour

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