Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dr. Oetker pizza dressed for dinner

Tuesday night is pizza night for my wife and me. It has become a bit of a tradition. Whenever Dr. Oetker pizzas go on sale for less than three bucks, we buy four or five. With a Dr. Oetker 4-Cheese pizza as the base, we add our own toppings

The pizza tonight had diced hot turkey pepperettes from Oegema's on highway 4 near Talbotville plus red, green and orange sweet peppers, mushrooms, black olives from Remark off Hyde Park south of Oxford St. W. The artichoke came from Costco and the rings of hot peppers are Loblaw's President Choice brand.

I try to keep my cholesterol below 50 mg/dL for the day. According to the nutritional info on the box, two slices of this pizza contain only 40 mg/dL of cholesterol. The stuff we added is mostly plant stuff and plant stuff doesn't contain any cholesterol. The turkey sticks are incredibly low in cholesterol. That's why we buy them. This is a heart healthy dinner.

And why the Dr. Oetker pizza. It's made in London.

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