Monday, September 28, 2009

Brian Frank link: Cars in Communities

I enjoy the writing of London blogger Brian Frank. I don't always agree with him, uh, I don't always understand him. But I follow him on Twitter and when it sounds as if he has posted on something in which I have an interest, I hit him. (Figuratively, not literally. Although, there are bloggers with whom I would much prefer to do the reverse. POW!)

I don't agree completely with Frank. He wrote: " . . . listening to music is half the fun of driving (and driving is definitely un-fun without it)." I cringe. If you need a radio, you are not driving. My Morgan has never had a radio and never will. In 41 years of driving that car, I have never, not once, wished I had a radio. (A narrower, twistier road with smoother pavement, no traffic and no speed limits, now there are some Morgan driver wishes. Keep your radio. I don't even want an i-Pod.)

Still, Frank is onto something. And even if you don't agree with everything he says, I think you will agree, he has a nice way with words.


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  1. No radio in your Morgan? That's because you have to be constantly listening for something to break, right K? I know. I was afraid to turn on the radio in my old Alfa for fear of missing out on those potentially heart-stopping sounds from the engine, or elsewhere on the machine. But, truthfully, with cars such as those — and yours — it's the sound of the overall machine that brings music to the ears. (Sniff! I miss mine.)