Friday, September 25, 2009

Shout Out to Houghton Lake Michigan

To my visitor from Michigan, isn't Houghton Lake somewhere near what used to be called Mount Grampion? I skied there when I was a teen.


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  1. Oleschoolchum has left a new comment on your post "Shout Out to Houghton Lake Michigan":

    Have you experienced that sensation when, as an adult, you revisited places frequented in your youth and things seemed so much smaller than they did back then? While Mt. Grampion, in north Oakland County, Michigan, is shrinking due to erosion, neglect, and suburban incursion (intrusion?), it is still more than a hundred miles away from Houghton Lake. (Somethings never change.) Houghton is kind of in the middle of the state, roughly mid-way from Manistee on the west coast to Tawas on the east. As one of the state's largest inland lakes, I don't think it is shrinking, yet, although I understand that civilization is encroaching.

    Thanks for mentioning Houghton, Grampion, and National Punctuation Day! I always thought your writing, including your punctuation, was as good as your photography. If nothing else, you prod the rest of us to be better: I took out a couple, but probably not enough, commas. Even editors need editing LOL.

    Also, the reflected sunset IS beautiful (maybe there's some chaos theory going on there), and your grandfather was right.
    Keep rockin'