Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McDonald's full of surprises

Quite a busy today but I read a post which I would like to share. It was written by a Londoner living and blogging in Scandinavia. This post points out why McDonald's is such a global success. But Elle Hermansen's blog is not the only link to McD's story today. Please, read on.

Elle Hermansen writes well and she illustrates her posts with clean, stylish photos. There is a beautiful, classic, graphic look to her pages. Look at how she writes Elle - the two l's form a heart. I read her stuff with a critical eye and try to learn from her. I hope you enjoy Hermansen's blog as much as I do.

Now, have you ever wondered what fish goes into a McDonald's filet-o-fish? Read the New York Times article. If you're a green, this is an interesting read.


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