Sunday, December 6, 2009

No new blogs till Tuesday

Some pressing stuff has come up and blogging has been pushed to the back burner. One important thing is picking up the Morgan in Toronto. The mechanics say she is healthy enough to come home on her own power.

I love a winter drive in that car. Possibly will blog on the joys of hypothermia on Tuesday. The English knew how to build car heaters that work forever. Whether working or not, they put out the same amount of heat. Brilliant.

Also, would like to look at the changes in how many people are looking at copyright. What exactly is creative commons? I used a CC image the other day and could not find the code for CC. I found copyright, the c in a circle, but not creative commons.

And what is pop culture? Does it exist? Do we care? My local newspaper thinks enough of it to have a pop culture expert on staff who asks such important questions as: What television program or televised event will still be being watched in a 100 years?

Brings back thoughts of Man with a Camera, Johnny Jupiter, Boston Blackie, My Little Margie, Our Miss Brooks... Most have faded from memory and it didn't take 60 years.

If you haven't checked out the video on a healthy baby making the leap from newborn into baby, it follows this post.

And if you are interested in the impending death of The Great Lakes fisheries, continue to scroll down and you will come to a little blurb and a link to the Digital Journal where I have posted an opinion piece. I can get hits in the thousands posting to the DJ and so for stories like the Asian carp it is a better forum for getting out the word.

Have a nice day,

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